IALCCE 2023 Proceedings

The Symposium Proceedings Life-Cycle of Structures and Infrastructure Systems have been published Open Access by Taylor & Francis and submitted for inclusion in the major indexing services, including Scopus, Compendex, and Web of Science.

Biondini, F., Frangopol, D.M., (Eds.), 2023. Life-Cycle of Structures and Infrastructure Systems. CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, London, UK, 4240 pages, ISBN 9781003323020, Open Access.

Life-Cycle of Structures and Infrastructure Systems collects the lectures and papers presented at IALCCE 2023. This Open Access Book contains the full papers of 514 contributions, including the Fazlur R. Khan Plenary Lecture, nine Keynote Lectures, and 504 technical papers from 45 countries.

The papers cover recent advances and cutting-edge research in the field of life-cycle civil engineering, including emerging concepts and innovative applications related to life-cycle design, assessment, inspection, monitoring, repair, maintenance, rehabilitation, and management of structures and infrastructure systems under uncertainty. Major topics covered include life-cycle safety, reliability, risk, resilience and sustainability, life-cycle damaging processes, life-cycle design and assessment, life-cycle inspection and monitoring, life-cycle maintenance and management, life-cycle performance of special structures, life-cycle cost of structures and infrastructure systems, and life-cycle-oriented computational tools, among others.

This Open Access Book provides both an up-to-date overview of the field of life-cycle civil engineering and significant contributions to the process of making more rational decisions to mitigate the life-cycle risk and improve the life-cycle reliability, resilience, and sustainability of structures and infrastructure systems exposed to multiple natural and human-made hazards in a changing climate. It will serve as a valuable reference to all concerned with life-cycle of civil engineering systems, including students, researchers, practitioners, consultants, contractors, decision makers, and representatives of managing bodies and public authorities from all branches of civil engineering.

Proceedings of Past IALCCE Symposia and Book Series

Seven International Symposia have been organized since the foundation of IALCCE. The inaugural IALCCE Symposium was held in Varenna, Lake Como, Italy, in June 2008, under the auspices of Politecnico di Milano. Following IALCCE 2008, a series of Symposia have been organized in Taipei (IALCCE 2010), Vienna (IALCCE 2012), Tokyo (IALCCE 2014), Delft (IALCCE 2016), Ghent (IALCCE 2018), and Shanghai (IALCCE 2020). These events have been very successful, both technically and academically, and IALCCE Symposia have become established events in the field of Life-Cycle Civil Engineering and related topics. For IALCCE 2023 we are back to Italy to continue the series of very successful events and celebrate the 15th Anniversary of IALCCE Symposia where they were initiated.

The outcomes of the IALCCE International Symposia are collected in a Book Series:

Life-Cycle of Civil Engineering Systems, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis

The proceedings published in this Series will serve as a valuable reference to all concerned with life-cycle performance of civil engineering systems.