The aim of IALCCE 2023 is to bring together all cutting edge research in the field of Life-Cycle Civil Engineering and to advance both the state-of-the-art and the state-of-practice, including emerging concepts and innovative applications related to life-cycle design, assessment, maintenance, rehabilitation, monitoring, and management of civil engineering systems. In this context, papers on theories, methods, algorithms, and applications are all welcome. Specifically, the Symposium will focus on the following topics:

Aging of Structures
Deterioration Modeling
Durable Materials
Earthquake and Accidental Loadings
Fatigue and Damage
Fire and High Temperatures
Marine and Severe Environments
Structure–Environment Interaction
Global Warming and Climate Change Effects

Design for Durability
Failure Analysis and Risk Prevention
Structural Robustness
Lifetime Structural Optimization
Long–term Performance Analysis
Performance Based Design
Service Life Prediction
Uncertainty Modeling
Value of Information
Life-Cycle Structural Safety
Time–variant Reliability
Functionality and Resilience
Risk and Sustainability

Damage Identification
Field Testing and Proof Loading
Health Monitoring
Inspection and Evaluation
Robotic and Aviation-based Techniques
BIM Techniques
Maintenance Strategies
Rehabilitation Techniques
Strengthening and Repair
Structural Integrity
Asset Management
Infrastructure Resilience
Risk-Based Prioritization

Bridges and Viaducts
High–rise Buildings
Hydraulic Structures
Off–Shore Structures
Precast Systems
Roof Systems and Hangars
Runway and Highway Pavements
Tunnels and Underground Structures

Decision Making Processes
Human Factors in Life–Cycle Engineering
Life–Cycle Cost Models
Project Management
Risk–Lifetime Analysis and Optimization
Whole Life Costing

Artificial Intelligence Methods
Evolutionary Procedures
Heuristic Techniques
Mathematical Optimization
Soft–Computing Methods
Survival Models and Simulation